Tuition and Fees
Saint Joseph offers three options for paying tuition and fees:

A. The entire amount can be paid on July 1.
B. The amount can be paid in two payments, due July 1st and December 1st.
C. The amount can be automatically debited from your bank account over ten months, beginning in July and ending in April.


2018-2019                           2019-2020
 Non-parishioner  $9378                                   $9636
 Parishioner  $7849                                   $8065
 (Discounts apply for additional students - $250 second student, $500 third student, fourth or more free)
 Application fee (new students only)  $25                                       $25
 Registration fee  $150 (non-refundable, paid online electronically)
 Parking fee  $65
 Partial Payment Service Charge  $100
 Graduation fee (seniors only)  $125
 International Student fee  $500