Davidson, MaryKay
~Long live Saint Joe High School!~

"Although my main connection to Saint Joe in the recent past has been as a proud parent (my oldest Indian graduated in 2010), I have felt a vivid "pull," or calling, to Saint Joseph for a long time. I'm thrilled to be teaching Spanish language and culture to your sons and daughters! It is also a joy and privilege to share my faith and my testimony of trying to follow Christ, guided by the teaching of the Church, with the Saint Joe community," noted Mrs. MaryKay Davidson a Spanish teacher at Saint Joseph High School.

Upon graduation from St. Edward's University at Austin (B.A., psych), she ventured to central México and lived there for 10 years; there she dedicated her time to family, teaching ESL and psychology, and crisis intervention with the Diocese of Tacámbaro, Michoacán.

Since returning back to Indiana, she has worked at home and with the family business; as a medical interpreter and (Spanish) prenatal educator; and most recently with Bilingual Services (South Bend School Corp.).

She enjoys gardening, volleyball, walking and jogging the dog, music, and singing, research in Spanish lit and culture, etymology (word origins), and hanging out with her family.

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