Davidson, MaryKay
Change Section: usage of uncommon pronoun "vos" (optional)
This site answers the question of how in some countries (Guatemala, Argentina, etc.) "vos" is used instead of the 2nd person singular pronoun "tu." This is for informational/enrichment purposes only; I will not test on the usage of "vos."
e.learn Spanish Language
Another good site to practice and review the lesson.
Encyclopedia of Saints in Spanish
(ALL IN SPANISH) Great collection of saints including a brief bio; very helpful to find a specific patron saint/intercessor for you as well as for your "Spanish Saint of Day" info.
Numbers RAP: from 1-30 by Barbara MacAurthur
Fun way to "rap" the numbers!
Our home page
REALIDADES textbook link
This is the homepage for the REALIDADES ("Realities") textbooks. All 3 levels of Spanish books are accessible here. Student or parent may enter the Web code that is offered throughout each text, in workbook, or may be presented by teacher for a homework or additional practice link.
Site for Spanish usage and problem solving
Uses of the verb SER in Spanish
Nice "You Tube" review of uses of the verb SER.
Word Reference (dictionary / translation)
For quick translation look-up (Spanish to English or vice-versa); one of my favorite sites, especially for finding a great synonym (sinonimo) in Spanish!