Light of Learning
Each year, Saint Joseph High School awards a faculty member the Light of Learning Award. This award is for an individual who acts as a Christian model for the students, faculty, and staff. The winner must act as a motivator for his/her students and be involved in extra-curricular activities. Additionally, the winner must be knowledgeable in the subject taught, relate well to the students, and act as an inspiration for their success in the classroom.

You may nominate someone using this form.

Past Light of Learning Award recipients:
2018-2019: Andrew Oross
2017-2018: Bill Flesh
2016-2017: Jeanette McKew
2015-2016: Brett Goodrich
2014-2015: Amy O'Brien
2013-2014: Doug Miller
2012-2013: Tracy Gergely
2011-2012: Mike McCarthy
2010-2011: Kathy Kershner
2009-2010: Lori Fournier-Norem
2008-2009: Kevin Downey
2007-2008: Paul Carrier
2006-2007: Phil DePauw
2005-2006: John Wojtowicz
2004-2005: Susan Richter (Administrator)
2004-2005: Lori Crawford-Dixon
2003-2004: Cynthia MacWhorter
2002-2003: Susan Lightcap
2001-2002: Chris Temple
2000-2001: Julia Chismar
1999-2000: Ben Dillon
1998-1999: Patricia Haas
1997-1998: Henry Chandler
1996-1997: Tom Gerencher
1995-1996: Diane Fox
1994-1995: Father Bly