Christian Service
Check the Joy of Service section on student Canvas accounts for a complete listing of upcoming opportunities.

We Serve With Joy!

Christian Service Requirement 
In order to more fully integrate our animating principle We Serve with Joy into our students’ lives, Christian Service will now appear as a recurring semester requirement in our 8-year curriculum.  Each semester every student will automatically be enrolled in Christian Service.  A total of at least 5 Christian service hours will be due and graded quarterly.  The grade, that will carry the weight of a half credit per semester, will be reflected in the student’s overall G.P.A.  All service hour sheets must be completed correctly in black or blue ink pen with the signature of an authorized service supervisor.  The original service sheets will be submitted to each student’s JFlexblock teacher.  Each student is expected to make a copy of the service sheet prior to submission and keep it in his/her own records.  Due dates will be posted on the “Joy of Christian Service” site in Canvas, as well as announced throughout the school year.  Students are encouraged to hand in their service hours well in advance of the service due dates.  Due dates will be strictly adhered to.  No service hours submitted after school office hours on the day they are due will be accepted.  Fraudulent service sheets will be referred to our Director of Student Affairs since that is a violation of the Saint Joe High School Academic Integrity Policy at the level of major infraction.

​​​​​​​Service Due Dates and Grades

Christian service sheets are due once per quarter, a minimum of 14 days before the end of each quarter.  Students are to submit their correctly completed service verification forms to their J block teacher.  Service hours may be submitted prior to due dates; students are encouraged to hand in service times sheets as they are completed.

For the 2018 -2019 school year the due dates are as follows:
October 3, 2018
December 3, 2018
February 21, 2019
May 14, 2019

No service hours submitted after school office hours on the day they are due will be accepted. 

Grade Flagged as "excluded":  

Once the  quarterly Christian Service hours are collected - the grades begin to be uploaded.

Ordinarily, it takes about 14 days to fully update all students' service hour grades.

At this time, any service hours that may be appearing in the gradebook were submitted before the due date. 

They are currently "excluded" from the grade and have no effect on the GPA.

Once all service hours for each student have been entered, the grades will be included and reflected in the semester's GPA.