Student Textbook Rental Procedure

Electronic Books:
Most textbooks are now available electronically either in digital format, on-line, or through software. Access to electronic books at Saint Joseph High School is included in student fees. Instructions for accessing these resources will be given by teachers and are specific to the book being used.  Access to electronic books will automatically expire. Students do not need to take any action regarding these.

What if I prefer a print copy, rather than an electronic one? 
Saint Joseph High School has books in both  print and electronic formats for a few titles.  For most titles, the format is available only in print or electronically.  When only electronic books are provided to students, students may purchase a print copy on their own from one of many vendors that will sell or rent print books.  Please refer to the the link entitle, "SJHS Books By Course" to identify the textbook used for a course.  To purchase a print book, search online for the book using the ISBN number.  This is a unique number for every title and edition of a book.  The ISBN assures that you are getting the correct book. 

Receiving Print Textbooks:
Teachers check out all print books using an online library system called library world.  For each book assigned, there is a unique barcode number on the inside front cover.  This barcode, along with the student ID number, is used to assign books. The student is responsible for the book assigned to him or her for the duration of the semester/year. Students are to PRINT their names on the inside front cover of each assigned book. Also, students should write down the barcode number of their textbooks to keep for future reference.

Textbook tracking through
Parents and students will periodically get an email over the course of the year from Saint Joseph High School uses this system to keep track of books assigned to students. Textbooks checked out have a due date at the end of the semester or school year.   Novels are due earlier. When a book is due, students need to return it to the teacher making sure it is checked-in. A teacher may verbally allow students to keep novels longer than the due date. In this case, follow the directions given by the teacher.

Returning Print Textbooks:
Students are to return each textbook immediately after taking the final. Novels are due at the discretion of the teacher.  Teachers and staff check in books through LibraryWorld.  If a student drops a class, he or she must return the book either to the teacher or the Guidance Office. Students must return the book that was originally assigned to him or her. This is identified by the unique barcode on the inside front cover.  Books must be returned with this barcode intact, legible, and able to be scanned with a barcode reader. Otherwise, the book will be considered lost, and the student must pay to replace the book.  A late fee of $5 per book may apply to books returned after the last day of finals.

Missing books:
Students will have to pay to replace lost books.  If books have been stolen, your insurance may pay for them.  Contact for the cost of the book.  Student accounts will be charged for books not returned as of July 1 from the previous year.  This charge cannot be removed  because replacement books are purchased at this time.