God Calls; We Answer
Upon moving to the new school location, the teachers, staff, and administrators examined how to define what makes Saint Joe what it is today. At some point in the discussion, someone said that the most defining characteristic of the Saint Joe community is that when God calls, we answer. This struck a chord in all of us as it gave shape to the values, education, and ideas that we work to pass on to our students.

As we continued our conversation, we began to ask ourselves: How does a Saint Joe student or community member answer God's call? We looked around at the students who challenge themselves every day in their academic endeavors, athletics, and service to others; at the teachers who work to provide engaging and rigorous lessons; at the administrators and staff who work to make each school day possible; and at the coaches who teach physical and moral development. In the end, we embraced the following four phrases that describe the way our community answers God’s call: Discover our Gifts, Reach Higher, Build Family, and Serve with Joy.

Throughout the year, we will work to highlight various ways in which our students answer God’s call every day and challenge our students to answer that call in new and exciting ways. We hope that these phrases reflect our joyous community and give voice to the ever-growing tradition of Saint Joseph High School.