Learning Strategies
Alternate Setting (Specify)- Students will be allowed to take their test in the resource room. They can use up to two periods to complete a test (the actual class period and the resource room period) but no more than that.
Calculator/Fact Chart- Students are allowed to use a calculator on tests. I would encourage teachers to make sure there is nothing in the calculator that will help them beyond calculations or anything written on the calculator cover. The fact chart simply means that students that have particular difficulty remembering formulas can make a note card with these formulas to use on the test. Again, I would encourage checking this to make sure that everything is legitimate.
Spell Check and/or use Dictionary for all tests/written work- Essentially students can be marked off for spelling if they are able to use a dictionary. They are responsible for using a dictionary to complete assignments if they have trouble spelling. If there is no access to a dictionary, they cannot be marked off for spelling.
Oral Responses (Specify)- Allow the student to respond to short answer or essay orally graded by the teacher. Students will be expected to come in before school or stay after school (whichever works better).
Prior Notice of Tests (__ days)- The student requires notice if there will be a test; it will be indicated how many days' notice is needed. This will almost never be more than three days.
Provide Extra Time (Specify at right)- This will indicate how much extra time a student can request to complete a test in the specified subjects. This will be either 50% or 100% extended test time, either time-and-a-half or double the time.
Rephrase Directions and/or Repeat/Rephrase Directions- Offer varying explanations when directing students to complete tasks or reword what you said (using different words) when asked.
Tests Read to Student- If this is marked, it means I will read the tests to the students.
Preferential Seating- If the student benefits from a specific location within the room, it will be specified here.
Copy Notes and/or Provide Lecture Outline- The student is expected to take notes during class but can complete their own notes through the use of a more adept note-taking peer.