Faith & Service
"He went up on the mountain by himself to pray..." (Matthew 14:23)
Just as Jesus took time to withdraw from his busy life of preaching and healing in order to be alone with God and pray, our students and faculty are given a day each year to retreat from the busy life of high school in order to encounter God. 

Freshman and Sophomore Retreats
All freshmen and sophomores must attend their class retreats. Both retreats are  comprised of two days with half of the class attending the first day and the other half attending the second.  These retreats are led by a team of energetic, dedicated, and faith-filled juniors and seniors.  This student leadership is essential - the juniors and seniors learn to take ownership of their faith and let their lights shine while the freshmen and sophomores see that many of the students they see in school every day are committed to God. 
Freshman Retreat:  What Is Love?
Freshman retreat is inspired by Pope Benedict XVI's encyclical Deus Caritas Est (God Is Love) and the 80's song by Haddaway.  We explore what it means to say that God is love and how to respond to God's call to love.  
Sophomore Retreat:  Called
Sophomore retreat explores what it means to be called by God into relationship with Him.  Students reflect on God's unique call for them as an individual and His call for them to return when they have turned their back on Him.  They learn about what it means to be a disciple of Christ by responding to this call.

Junior and Senior Retreats
Junior and senior retreats are optional.  Since junior and senior attendees are self-selected, the retreats tend to be smaller and more quiet and reflective.  They are directed by the campus ministers who are often joined by past Saint Joe students, faculty, other young adults, and local priests .
Junior Retreat:  On the Way
Junior retreat focuses on faith as a journey or a process.  In doing so, we explore the things that help and the things that get in the way of our journey with Christ and the role of the Holy Spirit in sustaining us.
Senior Retreat:  Walk On
On this retreat, seniors learn about Christian discernment while exploring how to be the person God has made them to be and ways that God has been directing them toward decisions.  There is also time to participate in various forms of prayer.
Overnight Retreats
Both the junior and senior classes will be offered the opportunity to attend separate overnight retreats.The themes of these retreat will vary each year depending on the relevant needs of the students