Faith & Service
The SOUL Team is a group of students of all grade levels interested in developing their own spirituality and furthering the Catholic identity of the school community. Junior and seniors may choose to be part of the core leadership group or participate as a general member.

Leadership members go through a rigorous application and interview process during the spring in order to serve on the leadership team the following year. Members complete an application in the spring as well. The team takes time during the summer to go on retreat together and spend time growing spiritually, individually and as a group.

We continue to meet weekly throughout the school year to pray, discuss our faith, and plan activities for the entire school. Team members take the lead in providing an atmosphere of faith-filled hospitality throughout the school.  Many SOUL Team members also serve as small-group leaders for the freshman and sophomore retreats. This energetic group is also known to support the students and teachers with random acts of kindness during the school year.

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