Culver, Chris
Mr. Chris Culver graduated Milwaukee Trade and Technical High School in 1986, with a shop certificate in “Pre-Engineering,” graduated the U.S. Naval Academy in 1990 with a BS in Naval Architecture, and passed the Nuclear Engineering exam for the US Navy in 1995 (this is equivalent to a Master degree in Nuclear Engineering). He graduated from the University of Notre Dame with an M-Div in 2000 (M-Div stands for Masters of Divinity and is a theology degree) and graduated from the University of Notre Dame with an M.Ed in 2009. He teaches physics and theology at Saint Joe.

In his free time, he likes to spend time with his family.  He also likes to bike and read books on theology, science, and leadership.  He occasionally reads a Terry Brooks or Raymond E Feist book.  Additionally, he is a CAPT in the United States Navy Reserve and serves with the Naval History and Heritage Command.

"I love the Catholic Church and believe strongly in its mission to form and educate all people.  I love working with youth and being around their energy, their inquisitiveness, and hopefulness.  Saint Joe is a great place where those two loves come together," noted Mr. Culver.

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The "non" school picture shows Mr. Culver exploring Marengo Cave in Southern Indiana.