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Atlas of World History link
Link to the Atlas of World History pdf file

Maps, timelines, and much historical data presented in visual form.
Columbia University- Asia for Educators Site
Documentary Heaven
Great documentary site.
Fox 28- Local News
History Channel
History channel viewer's schedule, and added features...if only I could get my VCR to record things
Holy Cross College
Indiana Department of Education
National Geographic Magazine
More than just pretty pictures...although there are some pretty pictures too.
New York Times
Newspaper of authority in the United States
Notre Dame Center for Social Concerns
PBS Newshour
Population Pyramid
Awesome site for viewing population change in every country of the world.
Saint Mary's College
South Bend Tribune
The Economist
This Day in History
University of Notre Dame
World's Greatest Newspaper
Why Study Geography?
WNDU- Local News
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