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Saint Joseph High School
            …building Faith, Character, and Excellence
  • Accredited by North Central Association and the State of Indiana
  • Strong college preparatory program - teaching to all students
    • Advanced Placement courses – 16 offered in English, Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies
    • Honors courses and college preparatory courses in all core disciplines
    • Learning Strategies program serving students with learning differences
    • In-house peer tutoring available
  • Engaged in continuous school improvement
  • School-wide goal – All students will improve their literacy skills across the curriculum.

A Saint Joseph High School graduate is:

  • Intellectually competent
    • Possesses an intellectual curiosity
    • Searches for Truth
    • Approaches situations using critical and creative thinking
    • Pursues excellence
  • Faith-filled
    • Possesses a sense of awe of God's creation
    • Understands the fundamental teachings of the Catholic faith
    • Practices faith in God, progressing in his/her faith journey
    • Is inspired to live life according to God's teachings
  • Globally responsible
    • Demonstrates social, civic, and global awareness and responsibility
    • Commits to service
    • Promotes justice in the world
    • Demonstrates respect for self and others
    • Develops a moral conscience, accepting responsibility for choices and actions

Indiana Department of Education Profile - Saint Joseph High School DOE Profile