Fink, Abigail
Mrs. Abigail Fink teaches Theology. She attended Christ the King grades K-8, the old Saint Joe for high school, and the University of Notre Dame for both her undergraduate and graduate studies. She double majored in Sociology and Theology as an undergrad and earned my Masters in Theology through the Echo program at Notre Dame. A month after graduating from Echo, she began teaching middle school Religion at Mishawaka Catholic School for a year before rejoining the Saint Joe family to teach Theology.

She teachers Freshmen and Senior level Theology courses. This fall, she will be teaching Word of God and in the spring will be teaching Christology to our Freshmen. She will be teaching Sacred Scripture both semesters to our Seniors. She is also the co-moderator for the Josephite chapter of National Honor Society.

In her spare time, she likes to spend time with her family and friends, read, binge on Netflix, eat delicious food, go for walks, buy an excessive amount of books/sweaters/Catholic icons, learn about random time periods in history (my personal favorite right now is the early 20th century), and nap.

"I have always wanted to return and be a part of the Saint Joe family, so when I heard there was a Theology teacher position available I jumped at the chance to come back and teach! The community is absolutely wonderful and there is something about how the Holy Spirit is at work in the school that just draws people in. Plus, my brother is a fellow Theology teacher and my aunt a Math teacher at Saint Joe, so we decided it was time to take over the school," said Mrs. Fink.

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